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Retail 2023: What you need to know about the industry

Retail 2023: What you need to know about the industry

Cleverit Group
May 30, 2023

The NRF: Retail's Big Show is an important event that brings together speakers and companies from around the world to reflect on what's next for the retail industry.

In January, we had the opportunity to attend the 2023 version in New York, where we participated in numerous instances with incredible technologies and live demonstrations of what we will be seeing in retail this year.

Customization, logistical efficiency, and data analysis were just some of the topics addressed at this great event.

Adapt or die

Retail changes and evolves every day, as does technology. That is why it is so important for IT companies to be part of high-level events such as NRF, because there, industry giants converge and you can learn about the most innovative cases in the market.

One of the main challenges in the technological world is adapting; there is no other option. The ease of adapting and keeping up with trends is key to the development of any company; thanks to this, today CleverIT is growing by leaps and bounds.

In addition to the incredible networking with partners and potential customers, the experience of sharing with other experts reaffirms that we are on the right track.

The change is here

After participating in the NRF, our team of experts conducted an analysis of the news, trends, and changes we are seeing in the retail industry, always hand in hand with technology.

Thanks to our experience working with the best retail companies in Latin America and as partners of the world's technology giants, we are prepared for what's coming this year. Are you?

Download all our insights, learnings, tips, and recommendations for 2023 in the retail industry:

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