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QA Project Service

Automated scripts and tests

Our client is an international private mining company based in Chile with over 15.000 employees. For a big company with many digital products that are constantly updating, it is critical that every new functionality that gets into production is tested and assured to be performing correctly. It is also very important that these changes happen when needed, and in these cases it always means: ASAP. When our client tried to migrate from a QA environment to the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, the process lasted a minimum of 2 days, due to regression tests that were made manually. Of course, these manual tests resulted in delays, and the project backlog was filled with overdue releases. In terms of resources, this meant the company had to spend money in additional resources and extensions.


Fort the task, CleverIT proposed a QA Project Service that consisted of task definition and a list of requirements from our client. CleverIT created automated scripts for the UAT environment following the Page Object Model (POM) and C Sharp Language, under XUnit and Specflow frameworks. These technologies allowed us to manage a time optimization for existing tests inside the QA environment too. In addition, we implemented Docker Image in some stages of the test execution pipeline, that added to the overall execution time optimization.

Some key results for this project were the creation and execution of automated tests through a manually triggered in Azure DevOps Pipelines, the time optimization in test executions in QA, going from a 50-minute pipeline to a 32-minute one, this translates into a time-saving of one week per year. The elimination of duplicated automated tests that consumed unnecessary resources.

Technologies applied for this case

Azure DevOps Boards, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Selenium, C Sharp, XUnit, Specflow, Azure DevOps Repo.