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QA Project Service

Automated tests for the mining industry

This time, our client is an international private mining Company based in Chile with over 15.000 employees. Mining is a core industry for Chile (and many countries), and that means the State constantly supervises and regulates working conditions and fiscal processes. If companies don’t comply, they can face tax penalties. At the time CleverIT arrived, our client was spending over 40.000$ a year in fines for delays in releases due to inefficient testing practices. The company needed a system that guaranteed efficiency on highly audit processes, meaning that services needed to perform correctly, on time, and efficiently to avoid serious problems in the future. When so much is at stake, software quality is key.


For this client, CleverIT implemented a QA-as-a-Service service, this means our client had a dedicated team that worked together with the IT department to ensure software and code quality for many projects, including QR generators, External invoices, and many related products.

For projects that need to perform constantly (and perfectly) we work with Automated Script Maintaining, through aPage Object Model (POM) design model using C Sharp as the main language, and XUnit and Specflow as frameworks. We used Azure DevOps Repo to host the automated scripts, Azure DevOps TestPlans for the test cases and every script is executed at the end of every sprint throughAzure DevOps Pipelines. These help us ensure that every new functionality is running correctly, as well as every preexisting one.

Until the time we wrote this article, we have implemented 95 automated tests and 712 test cases in 25 sprints. The complete process has had a total of 0% errors in production.


Technologies applied for this case

Azure DevOps Boards,Azure DevOps Pipelines, Postman, Csharp, Specflow, Cypress, Azure DevOps TestPlans.