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Bring your idea to the market with Product Discovery

Our client is a shipping industry company with extensive experience in the logistics world, which had a very robust internal solution for various shipping procedures. The client set a goal: to market this product with other companies in the shipping world, designing a system that would meet the industry's needs and, of course, consider good practices, technology, and a good user experience.

Agile teams: the key to success

When this case came to CleverIT, we knew that the client required high-level professionals, experts in agile methodologies to carry out a more efficient project. In addition, thanks to the experience of our team, we were able to offer a Product Discovery service that adapted to the client's needs optimally.

CleverIT's proposal resulted in a series of workshops and meetings to help understand the client's situation and, therefore, what they hoped to achieve with their product. Along with this, we carried out sessions to identify users and the journeys they would have within the site and application.

It was from this that we successfully detected all the necessary improvements to positively impact the user experience. All of this was supported by an architecture that was appropriate for the technological need of the system in question.

A successful Product Discovery with CleverIT

Thanks to this project, we were able to carry out a technological survey that allowed us to evaluate the infrastructure, thus ensuring the support of the functionalities and the use of the application.

After all the discovery sessions were carried out, a robust documentation was generated that the client could have available when taking the step to the development phase. This includes a prototype that allows visualizing the functionalities that will be part of the system, along with the corresponding architecture. Having this material facilitates the next stages that the client and their team will tackle in the future.

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