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QA as a Service

Changing the Pension System

Our client is a Chilean pension fund manager, engaged in the investment and collection of its affiliates' contributions, the management of individual capitalization accounts, and the provision of life and disability benefits, as well as senior retirement pensions. With over two million affiliates, it is one of the biggest fund managers in the country. Chile has a privately managed pension system based on individual capital accounts; these private companies are known as Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones (AFPs). Due to social and political events in the country in the recent years, the government needed to address the consequences of social discontent and the Covid-19 pandemic. Congress motioned to allow affiliates of all AFPs to withdraw 10% of the funds saved in their individual accounts. Once this motion became a law, companies had 48 hours to populate the online platform for affiliates to withdraw the funds. This, of course, was a titanic task for every development team, including CleverIT. Besides the entire development and architecture for the platform that served over two million people, CleverIT also provided QA as a Service, implemented by a multi-disciplinary team that worked 24/7 towards the goal. We used a Kanban methodology with an experienced team holding GCP certifications, ideal for high-performance scalable applications.


In this client we proposed the creation and implementation of manual functional tests for the QA environment, and automated tests in JavaScript and Docker for optimization of resources in QA and production, for this project were especially necessary many stress tests and quality assurance of the user experience.


The Project’s execution plan consisted on the following flows:

• Withdraw flow 1,2 & 3 for affiliates.
• Withdraw flow 1,2 & 3 for affiliates - Executives.
• Withdraw flow 1,2 & 3 for executives - Affiliates abroad.
• Withdraw flow 1,2 & 3 for executives - Subrogation.

Withdrawals of 10% (1, 2 and 3) were achieved in due time, allowing affiliates to withdraw voluntarily money without errors from their accumulated funds, allowing them to navigate through a fast and intuitive flow, having the best experience. possible.

Through an impeccable execution, we were able to avoid any government penalization due to delays or app mal function.

More than 2MM people were impacted by this solution, people that were in need amid the pandemic crisis.

More than USD 890MM were withdrawn by the affiliates.


Technologies applied for this case

Jira, K6, JavaScript, Gitlab-ci, Docker.