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CleverIT & Google Cloud: Implementation of Data Fusion

Our client is a Latin American holding company with a strategic focus focus on the diverse financial services and insurance sector. By using Google Cloud tools and implementing an automated flow for the creation of Data Fusion instances and pipelines, they were able to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of the organization's data projects.

Google Cloud in three environments

CleverIT's work with the client was an impressive accomplishment. In addition to the successful implementation of Terraform for infrastructure management, we also implemented a range of other customized programming and automation solutions to ensure a quick and effective implementation. The result was a significantly enhanced process of data extraction, leading to better insurance products and services for customers.

CleverIT's solution not only demonstrates the power of innovative technology and skilled project management, but it also has a profound impact on society. The project's focus on creating a base infrastructure for mounting Data Fusion on Google Cloud in three environments is a testament to their commitment to providing flexible and scalable solutions to their clients. The use of customized configurations for each environment allowed for greater control and adaptability, further improving the efficiency of the organization's data projects.

Success for our client and their customers

Overall, CleverIT's success with this project is a testament to their expertise and dedication to providing innovative and impactful technology solutions. Their work on this project has set a high standard for future projects in the insurance industry and beyond. The success of the project has a far-reaching impact on the industry, paving the way for further advancements and improvements in the field of data management and utilization.

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