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Product Discovery

Codify: Product Discovery to Make Your Idea a Reality

On this occasion, our client needed to develop a product that would allow them to visualize and manage work teams, and thus improve decision-making by leaders.

The client had previous experience in the field but required a Product Discovery to identify the necessary information architecture and design a platform with an interface that would generate a good experience for the end-user.

CleverIT to the rescue!

In this mission, we had the talent of our UX professionals and Agile Coaches, who advised the client throughout the process to apply the best practices, maintaining effective communication throughout the project.

Thanks to our experience and the valuable previous knowledge of the client, we were able to carry out a process of co-creation in both interface design and product conceptualization, based on the client's initial idea. We worked with agile processes that combined the best of the Agile methodology with Lean UX to generate value quickly and validate each new feature as soon as possible. We also designed each flow and interface with platforms that allowed the collaboration of the entire team to iterate efficiently along this path.

When you have clearly identified pain or needs but don't know where to start, Product Discovery is vital to prioritize and make decisions about what the new solution will include. Our team has professionals who advise you on every step of this discovery process.

With the client, we worked with a prioritization matrix to establish objectives and then validate progress. Although the design process was complex because it sought a balance between functionality, look & feel, and usability, a good synergy was achieved between the Agile methodology and the Design Thinking and Lean UX processes, in early and final stages of the project.

Additionally, a demo was created that showed all the features available in the product.

Discover your product with CleverIT

Once the Product Discovery process was completed, the project was implemented with a Spanish-speaking segment and an English-speaking segment, as the client received high-fidelity interaction prototypes with an attractive look & feel for their final interface.

Thanks to the delivered demo, the client was able to participate with the Codify product in the Human Capital Tech Summit 2021, an annual event where the most innovative startups in technology applied to Human Capital management are gathered in Madrid, Spain.

And as a show of success, Codify was selected among the 115 companies worldwide as the only Latin American startup that would compete in the #PeopleAnalytics Category. A milestone that undoubtedly fills us with pride and energy to continue supporting our clients to achieve their goals.

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