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QA as a Service

QA saves the day after disastrous Cyberday

Our client is a major retailer that sells electronic household appliances, home furniture, electronic device, computers, and consumer products, serving customers all over Chile. The company has over 2,000 employees. Updating digital products is vital for a business. When the product is developed in a scalable technology and built to grow, updates and improvements are a bit simpler, but when they are obsolete and inconsistent, it creates problems that translates into million dollar losses. Our client had inconsistencies between the technology supporting their old OMS, the new OMS they wanted to implement, and the one used in the e-commerce platform. When Cyberday came, these errors caused the site to fail and produced losses of over 3.5M USD per hour.


CleverIT provided QA as a Service, assigning a team of professionals dedicated to this project: Two Test Software Development Engineers, a Test Manager, and a ScrumMaster. We designed and implemented a design system and integrated various frameworks: Selenium, JUnit, and Cucumber. In addition to this, we designed, wrote, and executed manual tests as well as a test plan in Azure. The process consisted of user stories completed in 15 sprints, identifying several critical web performance elements thanks to stress and load testing. Working along with our client we were able to tackle every existing functional problem and the ones that appeared during the sprints.

Product quality was ensured by 80%, delivering a project that is 60% automated, with automated and dynamic client journeys, and an automatization project for regression tests to critical points in the application.

Technologies applied for this case

AzureDevOps Boards, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Azure DevOps Repo, Java, Selenium, Cucumber, Jmeter, Maven.